1. whisk sugar and egg until pale yellow
  2. stir in almonds, vanilla essence, orange zest with spatula. add flour, turn until just combined
  3. form into log on oven tray and bake for 40mins at 175°C
  4. Let cool for 10 mins, then cut diagonally 1cm pieces
  5. Arrange on tray, bake on wire rack for further 8 mins, then flip and leave in oven until cool
  • Verne 28 Sep, 2008

    Because this recipe does not have butter, it will keep in an air tight container for a month.

  • Verne 28 Sep, 2008

    Thoughts for next time: I think the slices were a bit thick as they didn't completely dry into hard biscotti. The thin bits at the end did. As well as thinner slices, maybe patting the loaf thinner may help

  • Verne 05 Oct, 2008

    Use cointreau in place of orange zest/essence

  • Katt 16 Oct, 2008

    Flavour ideas: - Chocolate & Hazelnut - White Chocolate & Walnut - Chocolate & Almond - Cointreau & Almond - White Chocolate & Almond - Chocolate & Orange - Cointreau & Chocolate etc

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