Beef Stroganoff

  1. Heat 1 T oil in heavy based pan. Add onion and saute till translucent, remove from pan. Add remaining 1 T oil to pan.
  2. Place flour, paprika, salt and pepper in a bag and, in batches, coat the strips of steak in the flour mixture, shaking off excess flour. Add steak to pan and brown.
  3. Add wine and deglaze pan, slowly add beef stock, then onions and mushrooms. Lower heat and simmer until steak is almost cooked. Gravy should be a little thin.
  4. Add lemon juice, sour cream, oregano and parsley. Stir through.
  5. Serve on top of cooked fettucine, garnish with a dollop of sour cream and remaining oregano and parsley. Goes well with beans.

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