Minestrone Soup

  1. Add stock to stock pot and start heating
  2. Finely cut onion and garlic and fry til coloured in fry pan with olive oil. Add to stock
  3. Finely chop capsicum and add to stock
  4. Quarter carrots and courgettes lengthwise and chop, add to stock
  5. Simmer for approx 10 minutes
  6. Add chopped tomatoes and simmer another 10 minutes
  7. Add risoni and cannellini beans
  8. Add salt and pepper to taste
  9. Simmer for 10-12 minutes
  10. Serve topped with parmesan shavings and crusty bread
  • Verne 05 Nov, 2008

    2 stalks of celery, chopped can also be added. Fry them with the onion and garlic before adding to the stock.

  • Katt 28 Jun, 2009

    am trying this in slow cooker.

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