Mustard & Herb Bread

  1. Add ingredients all ingredients except basil in order listed (wet then dry) to breadmaker. Before putting in the yeast make a small hollow in flour then put yeast in hollow.
  2. Set your machine to 'basic' recipe and select preferred crust type. Start machine.
  3. Just before end of first knead cycle (our machine beeps to let us know) add the chopped fresh basil (or other herb of your choice). Let machine do the rest!
  • Katt 19 Apr, 2009

    Bread improver can be substituted with 1x 250 mg chewable vitamin C tablet that has been crushed finely.

  • Katt 23 Apr, 2009

    I often use any flavour yogurt we have on hand.

  • Katt 27 Jun, 2009

    You can substitute 1-2 cups of wholemeal flour for the high grade flour, but change the bread machine program to wholemeal setting.

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